Pantry Thought Starters

pantry thoughtstarter


an extension of your kitchen...

a place for all your platters...

a spot for Mom's preserves...

with plenty of room to expand your menu.


Pantry Organizers
Entertain your taste for wine, your love for hosting parties, with racks that cradle bottles and delicate stemware.

Pantry Organizers
Lighten the load in your kitchen by incorporating small appliances—coffee pot, bean grinder, toaster—in the pantry.

Pantry Organizers
Consider a built-in nook for recycling bins.

Pantry Organizers
Corner shelves make room for large and oddly-shaped items.

Pantry Organizers
Save wide spaces for bulky items by creating slender storage slots to separate rolls of foil and parchment, and protect platters and trays.

Pantry Organizers
Glide-out shelves allow you to access the deepest parts of your pantry.

Pantry Organizers
Baskets are perfect for rounding up piles of produce— tomatoes, potatoes—and even extra grocery bags.
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