Laundry Room Thought Starters

laundry room thoughtstarter


a triage for your lights and darks...

a depot for detergents...

an answer to your pressing needs (and folding and hanging)...

with plenty of room to wash with care.


Laundry Room Organization
Inclued workspace for folding, flat-drying and stain removal.

Laundry Room Organization
Wire baskets permit air-flow needed for ventilation and drying—and permit you to see what you've stored.

Laundry Room Organization
Conceal stronger cleansers out of the sight and reach of younger children.

Laundry Room Organization
Lined, divided baskets hold and hide sorted laundry until you're ready to do the next load of lights or darks.

Laundry Room Organization
Rods and shelves array garments awaiting a press or hand-wash.

Laundry Room Organization
A fold-out ironing board is easily pressed into service, but saves space when not in use.


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