Hobby Area Thought Starters

hobby area thoughtstarter


a nook where you nurture your creative side...

a cache for your collections...

your holiday workshop...

with plenty of room to step back and admire your work.


Hobby Area Organization
If more than one person will work here at a time, consider a worksurface approachable from at least two sides.

Hobby Area Organization
Integrate power access to operate a sewing machine, glue gun or other electricity-using tool.

Hobby Area Organization
A fold-out wing expands the work surface and disappears when not in use.

Hobby Area Organization
Chairs and stools that tuck out of the way make it easier to move around the space.

Hobby Area Organization
Fill shelves with folded fabric, how-to books, albums—or add a basket to gather loose materials.

Hobby Area Organization
Use rods and racks to round up rolls of ribbon, fabric and wrapping paper.

Hobby Area Organization
Establish a hierarchy for materials and tools. Which are needed most often? Which would display attractively? Place items used most frequently in areas easiest to reach.
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